The ultimate test for your relationship must be building a website together, with those different tastes, opinions, emotions, debauchery an whatever there’s more…

To give an example; when I yell the word MENU now, someone’s going to be verrrry upset. Why? Because regularly I have something to say and comments about the menu and buttons to be made. In the beginning this is all OK, but now I can better drop it.

I myself am a layman when it comes to building sites, the HTML-work and the boring numbers and all, I leave that to Marrow. I focus more on the stories, the photo’s of course and all the rest that is necessary. On Valentine’s Day 2003, I got 3 pieces of paper that contained the application for the domain

The builing can start..

The idea was already there in November. During a lightly stupid chat, during which the sexual organs were mentioned whenever possible, we discovered and invented the following domain-names;

Finally it is there!!!! (copyright by Marrow)

The idea was born, but it takes a while to really get started… The domain is there, now the design…. colors go from purple to white, white to grey, pink even crosses our mind. Eventually it will be red with black and grey and white. I suggest the Japanese signs (I don’t have anything with Japan, but I love the signs..) The designing goes rather smooth. We both like a menu on top. Then the buttons for that have to be tought over. I suggest to use Japanese signs for this. It is a hell of a job (I realised that later) to get these right.

Being busy with other things (life goes on) we take a break regarding the site, knowing that it is still there waiting for us.

Then I suggest to get started again, resulting in the site being ON-LINE that very night. I am not satisfied with the Japanese buttons we made. Marrow isn’t very happy with that (and that is putting it mildly). The D..n it!!! and the arrggghhhhh’s where many. I realise I am demanding and very critical and I try to make up for that in my own way………(I hope)

He gives his opinion, I give mine. During making the site we are eachother’s equals (and whenever HE says so, we are unequal…..) It is fun. Not in the last place because I discovered working with HTML (light variant) and can contribute in my own way…

Nevertheless I am verrrry happy with our new site; the site that has been largley produced and desigened by Marrow.

I am and will always be gratefull for that to him.