What is rope to me?
Rope is a tool, an extension of my hands touching. Rope is a means of restriction and control, to give pleasure and pain. Rope can shape and move the person being tied and also decorate. It can make you look more beautiful than you already are. And then some… Rope is all.

Seeing the effect rope can have on the one being bound, wrap after wrap, is intimate and just plain hot. The process of the rope making it harder for her (forgive me for talking about the female form, but that’s my pref ;-) ), her giving in to it, surrendering. Well, thát ;-)

There are so many facets to rope and rope play that it’s impossible to sum it all up here.
One of the most important things in rope play is to remember that the “goal” is to have fun with your rope partner. Now fun, of course, is interpreted in so many ways, and to each his/her own, but I’d like to emphasize that you shouldn’t get lost in too much technicalities during the play itself. You need a certain amount of technique to play safe and well, but IMHO that should never outshine pleasure :-) Btw, practicing can also be fun.

Now before I get into too much of the the nittygritty nerd stuff, I’d like to state that even though many people may consider me a connaisseur, I like thinking I am never done learning. As I said, there are so many facets to rope that you may be able to spend the rest of your life discovering :-) How cool is that?