BindMe Original BondageRope is a product that has become from pure love of rope and bondage.
Because of poor availability of the beautiful materials that you’d actually want to use, I started manufacturing my own.
The preparation of raw hemp or jute rope to a material that is pleasant to use for bondage,
a piece of rope that you can trust for its strength, is a process that requires feeling for the material.
Next to that sufficient knowledge is necessary to be able to guarantee quality assurance.
All this makes that BindMe Original BondageRopes breathe craftsmanship, knowledge and beauty with a feeling
of love for the material. It leaves the beautiful deep impressions that we know as rope marks; a temporary reminder of a beautiful moment.
Your loved one is worth the most reliable and beautiful product, right?

Why hemp or jute?

  • strong material
  • traditional
  • beautiful appearance
  • “holds” a knot or friction very well
  • smell
  • doesn’t stretch
  • stable positioning of the rope
  • environmentally safe natural product

I hope that you’ll have as much pleasure and fun using the ropes as I did making and using them.