To keep your ropes in good shape and condition and to use them hygienically again and again, it is ESSENTIAL you take good care of them. We’ve included a few notes: Of course it is up to you to estimate when you think it is necessary. At first your rope may feel a bit stiff or hard or scratchy (matter of taste), but as you use it more often it will become more and more “your rope”. It smoothens, silkens and becomes better.

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1. First you can probably do with just cleaning the ropes with a cloth with hot water. Take the wet cloth in hand and pull the ropes through. Hang them to dry and rest. Done.

2. When the ropes have been used more often the hemp or jute rope can be washed in the washing machine or the dishwasher. Use a pillow bag or different type of washing bag when you put it in the washingmachine. Loop the rope in loops of ±40 cm (=16 inches) and tie it together on 1 point.
Jute rope is better treated more careful, so you can wash that in a dishwasher.

3. When the ropes are washed and thus wet, they’re probably somewhat tangled. Untangle the rope and hang it in as long as possible straight pieces to dry under tension. The ropes shrink in length when they become wet. To get the stretch out during the drying it is necessary to dry it under tension and stretched. To accomplish this you could hang it from the ceiling attached to another fixed point. NO HANGING WEIGHT (it stretches the rope further and further and that damages the twist). An alternative for the washing machine is boiling your ropes in a big pan with water. Do this for at least 2 hours. After that, follow the same procedure as above, for drying and stretching.

4. After your ropes have dried they can be fuzzy (and hard) of the fibers that came loose a bit. If it is no problem for you, just leave it at that and skip this step :) First roll the rope together, twist it, (attached to a fixed point), rub it together until it doesn’t feel that hard anymore. You can remove the fuzzies by burning them of over a flame on your stove. Pull the rope easily but steadily through the flame and pay attention that it doesn’t burn too much. Just singe the fuzzies/hair. Should the rope be burnt too much cut the bad piece of and do not use it anymore. So be careful! The ropes can be damaged in such a way that you can’t use them for safe bondage-practice anymore.

5. When the burning succeeded you can wash off the worst burning traces with a slightly damp cloth and treat the rope with some oil. Of course I recommend to use the Rope Care Cream I have developed as the perfect mix of mineral oil and bees wax.
Take a cloth and put a bit of oil on it. Take the cloth in hand and pull the rope through the oil in the cloth rubbing it in a bit. Repeat this in opposite direction. Get the ropes through your hands, feel it, prep it. Be carefull not to use too much oil … don’t drench your rope :-)

6. Hang the rope to rest and soon you can use your ropes again to satisfy your lust :)

Store your ropes dry!

Of course you’re welcome to ask questions anytime about the rope and the care for it. Email Marrow.