Bondage Art Cards Edition 1

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This “project” has emerged from my interest in rope bondage, of course, and how it inspires people to let out their artistic urges.
Who doesn’t like to see a pretty picture? So to show you all what artistic talents are out there, I have started an “enthusiasts project“. Browsing social media I encounter a lot of drawn bondage pictures and that gave me the idea to gather some of those artists to make a set of art-cards, depicting some form of bondage and/or rope art. The artists who made the pictures in this first set are from The Netherlands, Russia, Germany and Spain.

I myself absolutely can’t draw a proper looking straight or bent line, but I know what I like seeing. Black ink on white paper; simple, straight, is still my favourite. And I think for of a lot of others too.

Now, for the “design” and story about the package. It is made to look like “Daddy’s dirty little secret.” You know, that envelope or box you were never allowed to see, or supposed to find, when you were a kid :-)
Well, I’ve got something for you as an adult now! It is a black, sealed (with red laquer) Japanese washer-and-string envelope and contains 9 (!) cards from 5 different artists; a variety of styles. High quality black printed on thick high quality snow white paper.

This may be a beautiful gift, something for yourself to keep, or to display in a nice frame on your wall.

And the best thing is; there are so many great artists out there, there may be a series in this.
All of which will be limited editions of 100 sets. Rather unique sets, I think.

My thanks go out to the wonderfull artists who participated in this first edition; Kerstin Klein, ByKonijnArt, Minouu, Kristi Veres and Alexandra Veda.

The card set is available in the shop HERE