Suspension ring (large)
Stainless steel (200mm, 12mm) suspension ring Back in stock soon ! :-)
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Suspension ring (small)
Stainless steel (115mm, 10mm) suspension ring
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Japanese cloth. Use it as a blindfold, as a gag or to tie with. Available in “Mame shibori” (white cloth with dots), “Oasa”(hemp leaf) and “Kagome” (basket weave) print. UNFORTUNATELY THE RED DOTTED (ONLY) TENUGUI, THE BROWN EARTH KAGOME AND OASA BLUE ARE TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK !! Colour(s) of your choice below.
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Safety shears
Safety shears are a crucial part of your bondage kit.
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Rope Care Cream
The perfect mix of bees wax, paraffin oil and a touch of scent.
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Bondage art cards
Bondage Art Card Set
"Daddy's Dirty Little Secret" 9 high quality printed black and white bondage art cards, exclusively packaged in a sealed envelope. (Limited edition of 100)
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