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Privacy and Confidentiality:

We respect and value your privacy very highly.
Your information, necessary for the delivery, is completely safe with us and will be treated very discretely and in NO way will they ever be known or distributed to others, unless we are legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities.
We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. Any emails sent by BindMe will only be in connection with the provision of agreed services and products.

Your order will be delivered discretely packed and doesn’t display the contents of the package in any way (unless it’s mandatory for customs).

Ordering process:

The BindMe shop will send you an email for confirmation of your order. At this time it is only possible to acquire the ropes after payment in advance through a bank transfer or PayPal.
If you’d like different lengths or variations in composition of a set, please get in touch.
Next to the standard lengths any size up to 25m is available, exactly how you like your ropes best.

Products that are in stock will be shipped to you within 1 week. Should stock not be adequate you’ll be notified in your confirmation email when the order will be shipped.

We ship to any address in the world. Some countries custom services may have strict rules about importing certain goods and may open your parcel.

Costs: Our shipping rats are considered very resonable. Local (Netherlands) = €5,00. All interntional shipping = €10,00.

Your order will be delivered by mail discretely packed and doesn’t display the contents of the package in any way (unless it’s mandatory for customs).

The package doesn’t fit through a normal mailbox, but you will be notified with a tracktrace number when the package is on it’s way to you. Tracktrace doesn’t guarantee certain delivery, but helps to find out where your parcel is.

Please be very accurate in providing address information like postal or zip code, appt. nr, entry codes if needed, floor etcetera. If wrong information is provided to us and the parcel couldn’t be delivered, we cannot be held responsible.

Late, lost or missing items: be aware that in some countries mail service will not leave a note when they’ve tried to deliver and you weren’t available to take the parcel. When you’ve been notified your parcel is sent, please be prepared.

Terms of service Disclaimer and Quality Statement

By sending the in the order you agree to the following terms of service.

BindMe is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of natural fiber rope used for bondage.
BindMe strives for high quality bondage ropes.
Inherent to natural fiber rope is the high number of variables affecting the quality of this type of rope.
Because of this large uncertainty, mainstream industry does not rate natural fiber rope.
Be aware that with natural fiber rope there is always the chance of a natural weak spot.
Responsibility to keep BindMe’s natural fiber rope safe for bondage is transferred to buyer upon delivery of the rope.
Buyer is strongly encouraged to go through extreme measures to keep BindMe’s natural fiber rope in safe condition for bondage.
This includes, but is not limited to; storing the rope in a dark, dry place, always checking meticulously for damage to the rope before engaging in bondage, always checking for damage to the rope after your bondage scene, not bending the rope in sharp angles, not applying excessive, impact/force to the rope, not using the rope for suspending a living being when feeling unsure about yourself or the rope, not using the rope for suspending a living being if the rope diameter is less than 6mm (1/4″), not stepping on the rope with shoes also worn outside or spike heeled and always use common sense when using the rope.

“Think before you act and keep thinking while you do.”

For reasons mentioned BindMe cannot be held responsible for any sort of damage caused by using our natural fiber rope.