No BoundCon 2019

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Finally some word from
I’ve been busy with other things than being present on socials and such. In the meantime rope production has continued of course, so I am still here, might you wonder.

Hereby I am also announcing that for the first time in 273 years (give or take a few) I am NOT going to be attending BoundCon Munich this year. Now you may ask: “And now where are we supposed to get your rope then?”. Well, that’s been taken care of :-) My ropes WILL be there.
But no BoundCon 2019 for BindMe. I am ure going to miss this wonderful event, as I have been meeting so many of you lovely people there.

But I am happy to also announce the at the stand of Schlagzeilen with Matthias, BindMe Original Bondage Ropes WILL be available. So, the only thing you’ll actually be missing is my shining presence. Oh and the candy of course ;-)

I hope you’ll have a great BoundCon and I’ll be seeing you next year !