Hemp and jute ropes for your kinky pleasure.
Shibari / kinbaku/ Japanese bondage. It is increasingly popular in the (inter) national BDSM-scene.

Everyone uses their own ropes, by preference or availability. The second is the most troublesome, especially in the Netherlands.

Often cotton ropes are used or the synthetic ropes that are easily and cheaply obtainable.
The original materials used for Japanese bondage are hemp and jute. These materials do not stretch (when properly prepared) and have the property of “holding” a knot very well.
Therefore they are very appropriate for bondage.

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Because the preparation of hemp- and juterope is a very time consuming activity (boiling, drying, burning, oiling), many people are scared off to do this themselves.

Now here is the opportunity to acquire prepared original bondagerope through BindMe.

Bindme Ropes come completely prepared and ready for use. The rope is delivered with a knot (or whipping if you prefer) at each end to avoid the ends to unravel.

Our jute has been prepared in such a way that there is no residue of petrochemical smell or oil. During the jute manufacturing process lubricants like JBO (Jute Batching Oil) have been used to protect the machines. This can cause an allergic reaction like skin irritation with some people and it smells terrible. BindMe Ropes are free of that.

You can choose from diameters of 5, 6mm and 7mm.

Bare in mind that from an aesthetics point of view it might be nicer to bind a fuller figured woman with a bit thicker ropes.

For now orders are only possible by email and payment in advance. Of course after emailing, you can contact us in other ways to verify reliability :~)
In your email tell us which type and set of ropes interests you and how you would like the endings of your ropes. Self-evident, you can always ask other questions.

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Read HERE how to care for your hemp- and jute ropes.

All other lengths than depicted here are possible to a maximum of 25 meter. Any set or single rope is available after consultation.

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