Marrow, the core, to start off arrogantly right-away. A nickname that I have been using online for years now.

My search for the interpretation of BDSM in my life was limited for years. A time that sometimes contained BDSM in practice, but it was always present in the mind.

Not minding unwritten and written rules within the BDSM-community, I go my own way. I decide.
I am a nicely disturbed sadist and kinkster, that is: I am a man that enjoys teasing his sub, making it hard for her, but at the same time want to be convinced she wants to be teased and enjoys it.
Through the years bondage has always been a fascination. And to be more specific, Japanese style rope bondage, shibari/kinbaku. The developments in that on the subject of knowledge and crafts have taken a flight since I met my first partner in crime.

This site is a long nourished wish. To show what I stand for, what I can do. Who doesn’t like doing that? Everyone that has a site of his/her own, is an exhibitionist in a way. In my case a show-off. *grin*. I don’t show myself. I show what I can do. What my sub can do. And I enjoy that. At the same time I like sharing my ideas. That’s what this platform is also for. A place of our own, where I can do what I want. (reading back, I write a lot of “I”, don’t I?) ;-)

I am convinced that BDSM is something (should be) where 2 people enjoy. Where 2 people choose for unequality and are both satisfied with that.
That means, in my opinion, that in equality, both have an equal say. It is as always a full relationship. Just like we are regular people.

That is also one of the reasons I created this place for. To show that people that practice BDSM are just plain regular people too (or just as special as the rest). With feelings and everything that makes us human.
Our own place isn’t finished yet. When is it ever? It should live :) We have a lot of work to do, but we like the job.

Well here it is…..

There are some other places on the internet where I show up.
Who doesn’t have a Facebook-page or Twitter these days? I put some photo’s on sometimes.
Look me up there.

One is updated more frequently than the other.