I find that writing a piece about yourself isn’t easy…. I’ll try anyway;

I am a 40-ish year old woman and living together with Marrow and my almost grown-up daughter.

Since I was 18 I have been “involved” in BDSM. I began as the Dominant party, but alongside that I was always looking for that one strong/strict look and/or hand. During my marriage I sometimes felt I was going crazy because of my submissive feelings. I simply couldn’t do anything about them.

I divorced about a long time ago and then felt something like:“Yiihaaaaa!!, now it’s my turn.”
After having fooled around a bit with certain individuals who called themselves Dominant, I met Marrow through the internet.
Coincidentally we even lived in the same “town” and the “party” could start.

Well, I learned from that *grin*