Limited Edition Unicorn Cotton Rope


A HANDMADE twisted 8 meters 3 strand rope from soft colorful cotton yarn.
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Unicorn Rope 8 meters.

If you are into super soft sensual bondage and love a little rainbow of color in your life, THIS is your rope.

A HANDMADE twisted 3 strand rope 8m long made from soft colorful cotton yarn that will bring out totally different sensations than a hemp or jute rope will.
Of course, because of the characteristics of cotton, this is absolutely NOT suitable for suspensions of ANY kind. But if you can’t bring your subject to ecstasy on the floor, you have no business in the air ;-)
Every kind of rope has its own type of handling. As long as you know what you’re doing, anything can be good… and so will this rope be.
Most important characteristics of this cotton rope (good and bad):
– Super soft
– Sensual
– Compressible
– Colorful
– Original
– Photographs well
– Sweeeeet
– Every rope is unique
– Low breaking strength

Because of the fine yarn it is advised to clean your cotton ropes by hand. Simply rinse them in warm water and hang them out to dry under a bit of tension after giving them some extra tightening twist.


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